Monday, December 28, 2009

Memorable Gifts

What is the best gift your character ever received? What is the worst? What, specifically, made these gifts memorable, and (if they're objects) does s/he still have them?


  1. Giving and receiving gifts is part of the theme, plot, and characterization in my WIP. I couldn't imagine my WIP without this.

  2. *waves* Hi Medeia!

    Great question, Anna.

    The best gift a character of mine received was a pair of second-hand black army boots. Does he still have them? Nope, he left them behind in a hole in the ground with his old life.

    The worst gift... hmmmmm... that one is tougher. I guess I would have to say it was a lump on the head from a metal pipe. Knocked my poor character out for the night on Halloween. (I hated doing that to poor Chris!)

    I'm very curious to see what others answer! Will definitely have the comments emailed to me.

  3. Medeia, isn't it amazing what a big part gifts play in stories? I realized that they factor into pretty much all of my manuscripts.

    Suzette, thanks for sharing your answers! I feel bad for your poor character who got hit on the head - definitely a worst gift!

  4. Thanks for the follow, Anna. Hi Suzy!!! My mc brings a half-dead rat to her possessed boyfriend. How romantic!

  5. Lisa, your mc sounds like an intriguing gal. :-) Happy New Year!